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Alternative media channels have grown tremendously

Catering to political audiences of all stripes, including progressives, nationalists, and libertarians. Their whole business model is based on creating on uniting people inside a certain echo chamber, and against various politicians and groups outside of it.
The profit motive influences their incentives and story selection to be one-sided, even more than in the mainstream media.

Our current model leaves it up to each individual to figure out what is true or not, on a host of political, sociological and scientific issues. Expecting everyone to be an expert in every subject and listen to the latest literature from both sides is unreasonable.

We can’t even defend ourselves from the onslaught of notifications that vie for our valuable attention, from apps and that compete to “engage” us. The current system has addicted millions and robbed our generation of spending quality time with our family.

We believe that by building an alternative to the for-profit model, we are creating a public resource that people can turn to in order to get balanced, thoughtful coverage of news, politics, science and religion.

There may certainly a place for “ownership” of audiences and fans (eg the entertainment industry).

But we need as a society to come together and see if we can do better by with modern technology and the principles of open and fair collaboration.

This model takes a bit of time to arrive at a consensus and balanced understanding of what’s going on.

But the shareable articles and pages presented to the public can be trusted to have taken note of objections from both sides, instead of ignoring them.

People can set notifications to watch when certain claims become more or less likely, and can update their understanding and votes about arguments on other claims.